april 2012 developing on the sumer 2012 collection for Mercedis Benz fashion week in Berlin on July 03.rd 2012

march 2012 planing the ATTITUDE fashin even in Beijing at Migas on Mai 19th. In cooperation with Cityweekend and the fashion designer ralfebyralf. The Attitude fashion event will present on the rooftop of Migas the David Ubl winter 2012/13 collection. Tickets under http://www.demohour.com/projects/299917

febuary 2012 wroking on the wedding dress collection for www.whatabeautifullife.com


They are two young German designers with one clear goal: To create a platform where they can make their works accessible globally and where young talent can meet.
According to David Ubl, The Attitude fashion show was their way to lead up-and-coming designers into a new direction.
"The potential in China for the fashion industry is huge, but unfortunately there is no consistency among Chinese designers in the industry. And for international designers, there is no platform to show their creations."
Young designers have the creativity, but they don't have the numbers to compete with the big brands.
"Fashion is not only high-end labels, it's about creating your own style and being able to mix luxury goods with original pieces.
"We want to show that independent designers can compete with the big brands," says Ralf Schuchmann, who has his own brand Ralfebyralf.
Ubl agrees that in general terms, the vast majority of young Chinese want to embrace a luxury lifestyle, and that's why many approach brands with expensive labels.
But that does not mean the Chinese market is not open to new designers.
When Ubl, with his eponymous brand David Ubl, launched his latest collection earlier this year, fashionistas, designers, potential partners and other networks from the fashion industry flocked to his show - a crowd way above his expectations.
"For me as a young designer, it was a huge success and a recognition that the demand does exist. With this platform we want to create something consistent at a time when the fashion industry in China is fed up with labels", he says, 

this articel was written in the china daily Alexandra Leyton Espinoza